Public Talk: Therapy vs. Meditation...

...exploring the boundaries, flagging the dangers
24 Nov 2017
56 Inchicore Road

This is a public talk at the Dublin Samye Dzong on the eve of Alistair's weekend course there in November 2017.

Drawing on his many years of experience as a clinical psychotherapist and his practice as a Buddhist meditator, Alistair explores the ways in which these two 'lineages' of the mind can support one another and can sometimes clash.

Understanding the principles that underpin them can alert us to how they might be one dissonant, for example in the way that meditators might use meditation to "dissociate" their emotions or when therapy clients might use their sessions to strengthen storylines that are already way too strong.

It's an interesting talk for those are practising meditation and/or are practising or undergoing therapy, and everyone else in between who might be intrigued.

All proceeds (suggested donation £10) go to the Dublin Centre.

Please RSVP to the Dublin Centre to let them know how many are coming: