Holy Island

7-Day Holy Island Autumn retreat
Lamlash Bay
KA27 8GB
United Kingdom

October 2017 sees Mindsprings inviting established practitioners to Holy Island for a special 7-day journey into the heart space of compassion and interpersonal warmth.


If you are unsure whether you meet the requirements please drop us a note at mail@mind-springs.org.

Most of us have grown up with our hearts buffeted and bruised from a number of causes. And the hyper stimulated world of the internet and consumerism can make us feel bombarded by the outside world. No wonder that many of us end up retreating into smaller and smaller bubbles of security.

Whilst meditation can offer a very profound feeling of safety and tranquillity, Buddhist practitioners have long realised that unless you can live with your heart open to the fluctuations and incursion of the world, then things get stagnant and bitter with alarming speed. Which is why there is a number of powerful meditation practices designed to open the heart: firstly, to ones own experience; then to the presence of other humans; and ultimately to the living experience of the whole world in which we live.

Alistair and the Mindsprings team create a warm and safe container in which you can explore these life-enriching practices with in a group that supports you. Drawing on his 16 years of experience as a meditator and his knowledge of contemporary psychotherapy, Alistair holds the group safely enough that we can use the week to explore:

  • the energy and warmth of our own heart centre and its natural 'feel' for things
  • how the heart can close and harden in response to the world
  • techniques to relax those defences without being overwhelmed
  • an understanding of how interpersonal energies work
  • an embodied understanding of human connection
  • a energetic experience of love in the body and expanded outwards
  • a connection to the natural world of the island with its beautiful landscape and wildlife

This week-long retreat requires will be a deepening for those who practice already. There will be periods of silence and we encourage people to spend the week mobile-, book- and journal-free.

Please book and pay for your place on the course with the button above, however, you will need to book your accommodation direct with Holy Island on their website.

The practice of peaceful sitting
29 Jun 2018 to 6 Jul 2018
Lamlash Bay
KA27 8GB
United Kingdom

For the summer retreat, Fay and Alistair are teaching together again to explore the practice of silent sitting, so beloved by so many traditions but so often plagued with obsessive thinking and physical pain.

Drawing on the somatic teachings of Reggie Ray, Alistair and Fay will be leading us to find a way to sit within the "field of the body" and let troublesome thoughts float away. In this easy and open way of sitting we can experience a level of stability and peace that many of us find shockingly new and unexpected.

This is a course suitable for beginners but also for those of us who have been practicing for many years, but feel stuck in a meditative 'dead-end'. Working from a simple but profound understand of how the body is our greatest friend and the basis for our practice, the course will develop a sitting practice that can revolutionise our understanding of what 'meditation' really is, and lead to a lasting and palpable change in the way we experience the world and how we hold this unique life of ours.

You can book and pay for your place here - but you will need to book your accommodation separately on the Holy Island website.