How to cultivate a joy in stressful world
18 Feb 2017 to 19 Feb 2017
250 Cowbridge Road East
United Kingdom

Alistair is returning to Cardiff to lead a workshop exploring the "four immeasurables" or Brahma Viharas.

Central to almost all Buddhist schools, these four mind states are said to be the perfect 'atmosphere' of the mind for humans negotiating the ups and downs of life. Drawing on his experience as a meditator and as a therapist, Alistair encourages to us to make these mind states come alive in a very vivid, somatic way.

The course will first look at the habitual frames that we put onto life and which typically make us suffer and then look at the somatic practices of 'heart training' that can help us free up our mind to receive the world with love, joy, compassion and equanimity.

It's a course suitable for people with no experience of meditation or Buddhist and for those wanting to revisit these core teachings in a fresh way.

The weekend begins at 10am and finishes at 5pm on both days.