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2-Day Retreat: 
Sitting with the Sea

20-21 May 2023

Come practice at the Cliff House in Cuckmere. 

Damiel and Alistair have the great good fortune to live in a historic Coastguards Cottage in the Sussex landmark of Cuckmere Haven. Sitting in the presence of the famous Seven Sisters cliff it is a unique and potent place to practice meditation. 

For the first time since moving there they are opening up the space for 2 days of practice together with you. 

It's a small venue so we are limited the places to 15. And there is no on-site accommodation so you will need to book a night in one of the many lovely B'n'Bs or hotels in the area. (There are lots to chose from). 

The theme of the weekend is 'meditating with the sea' and we will be connecting to the energy of the landscape as we sit with our whole body-minds in this incredible place. 

Sitting with the Sea

This practice weekend is designed to be quite fluid! We will be alternating sessions of sitting practice out on the beautiful deck hanging over the sea-cliff with walking and practice sessions out in the nature reserve around the house. And perhaps - weather permitting - in the sea itself. 

We want this to be a practice intensive with lots of sitting, breathwork, yoga and meditation. But also a time to connect over the beautiful food Daniel will be preparing and sharing  as a group our experience of practice and life. 

The constant presence and movement of the sea, wind and tides make 'impermanence/fluidity' a natural focus point but we will see what emerges over the two days.