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Let's reschedule our meeting.

Too many people unavailable today, sorry.

Hey everyone,

I've decided to reschedule our meeting today. Many members are unavailable and only one (thanks so much Karen) said they were available so far.

I think it'll be a lot more fun to change the date and meet with as many of our members as possible.

Let's meet next Sunday, Oct. 22nd at 4pm UK

We'll meet again on Friday Nov. 3rd

Please save those dates and let me know in the comments if you're planning on coming.

Autumn is here now in France and I'm feeling the need to reconnect with my crafting. I'm going to a weaving class next week and I'm very excited to learn this technique. I'll tell you all about it of course.

Hope to see you very soon!

Have a lovely Sunday everyone.

Big hugs


Sylvia Alana
Máirín Keohane
Margaret C.

Both new dates now in my book. Thanks for herding us cats, Karen!🙂



Come sit with Karen's Crafting Circle. Come sit with us and ...


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