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Summer Retreat
on Holy Isle

22-29 July 2023

Brighten your life with Beingfulness

Enjoy your mind afresh.

For almost 20 years, Alistair has been running Mindsprings Retreats on the beautiful Holy Isle off the coast of Arran in Scotland. This year we are holding a summer week of Beingfulness on the Island, a practice that celebrates the joy of being human.

Come and enjoy the powerful energy of the Island, the delicious island-grown food and the wonderful presence of good-hearted people practicing together. Friendships are born on Holy Island that last for years! 

We will be exploring Alistair's embodied meditation practice, Beingfulness. A comprehensive way to deepen and enjoy your experience of the world and yourself. It's a beautiful and profound practice - something precious to take with you when you leave the retreat. And it's suitable for beginners and more seasoned meditators. 

The Centre for World Peace on the Island is a comfortable and well-staffed place to stay with single, double, sea-view and dorm rooms available. The food is delicious and vegetarian. And the Island itself has a transformative magic. 

What is Beingfulness?

  • Beingfulness is a form of meditation that helps us enjoy life more.  

  • It's a simple step-by-step process.

  • First, we learn to recognise when we are aware

  • Then we master moving awareness from object to object

  • The next step is to anchor awareness on restful objects like the breath or sounds. 

  • Then we sift all the various phenomena of our here-and-now into four fields: body, emotions, senses and thoughts.  

  • In various exercises, we deepen our enjoyment and curiosity about these phenomena 

  • Next, we explore the 'fifth field' of our unexamined preferences

  • And finally, we relax into a wide-open enjoyment of the kaleidoscopic display of the human mind.

  • The practice allows us to be full of being, not just full of thinking!