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Here’s the Mindsprings news for the second half of 2019 and into 2020.

What’s been happening

2019 has been a really rich year.

I started teaching the practice of tapping (EFT, AIT etc) alongside somatic meditation this Summer which was a very powerful combination. There is more coming in the future. Including a weekend in Cardiff next February.

The Somatic Sangha in Edinburgh based at the Salisbury Centre really flourished this Spring with a couple of introductory courses on Somatic Practice which were sold out in days! We’re meeting again in January 2020, date TBC…

Reggie and Caroline came over to Germany for 2 weeks in June which was incredibly inspiring, so some of that work is filtering into my teaching. Notably in the self-compassion work inspired by Richard Schwartz’ Internal Family Systems. (A blog about that here.)

This July saw the biggest and – I think – the most powerful Summer Retreat on Holy Island. There was something really powerful about the group and the energy of engagement that sprang up. Island magic again!

Excerpts from the Holy Island retreats will eventually surface in the Mindsprings Podcast which is available all year round…

What’s coming up

As well as more weekends in Edinburgh and Cardiff, there are a whole host of new weekends and retreats coming up in the second half of 2019 and into 2020.

I’m particularly excited to be teaching in Europe. I’m in Brussels (translated into French!) in November looking at Anxiety. Then Mindsprings first Dutch weekend in Nijmegen in December. We’re exploring the ground practices of somatic meditation there. And in 2020, I’m heading to Stockholm for our first weekend in Sweden.

We had a fantastic heart-based mini-retreat in Scarborough in the early Spring of 2019 and Ani Tselha and her sangha have asked me back to teach again. We’ll be deepening our practice and exploring Maitri – “loving all the parts” in another 4-day Yorkshire retreat in March.

And looking ahead to the Summer, we have the dates for the next Holy Island retreat – which is the 4-11 July. This gets really booked up – so please take a look.

What’s on the horizon

I promised this last year but got waylaid by life and love. But 2020 will hopefully see the roll-out of the first Mindsprings on-line course. It will be a version of the Somatic Approach to Anxiety that I have been teaching for many years – and will be a full multi-week course with video, reading and a group structure.

We’re hoping that 2020 will also see an increase of all of these on-line offerings for those of you unable to afford to travel to courses or who prefer to practice at home.

Please do drop me a line if there is a particular practice or area you would like to see Mindsprings tackling. We always like to respond to the members of our community…

As always there are regular posts on the Mindsprings blog and if you enjoy our podcasts then please do take time to review it on the iTunes store…

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