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Same battles. but this time with saints to support us.

Went to see Milk with Dominic this evening and was all fired up and sad by the end. It’s wonderful. Penn is wonderful and Van Sant mixes real footage with his film with total skill. But it infuriates me that we’re still fighting the same stupid battles now, thirty years later. Proposition 8. I mean – it’s California, for God’s sake. I’m extremely proud that we managed to bring in gay marriage (well, partnership) without raising an eyebrow over here in the UK. I still reckon lots of gay men and women suffer from a less visible but no less pernicious sense of being ‘wrong’. That’s the next and hopefully final battleground.

Now we have a black president. Can’t we all just grow up and accept the fact that we’re all wonderfully different and get on with it. Bloody Anita Bryants. Makes my blood boil (in a good, marching-the-streets sort of way)…

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