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the path to enlightenment: Holy Island March 2008

Been up on Holy Island for the 2008 “After the ABC” course which was intense and wonderful. We had snow, storms, sun, wind, sleet, hail and riveting blueskies. It wasn’t a massive group but all the better for it. I found it quite challenging personally. There was a section right in the middle when we sat through the night and I went into a bit of a meltdown. But as I’ve come to appreciate, melting down is what goldsmiths do to refine dirty gold. I think possibly the highpoint was towards the end when we all tried to re-imagine our childhoods as much more naughty than they infact were, in an attempt to shake off the dead-hand of ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’. Cultivating the liberating spirit of mischief and irreverence. The delightful ‘Why Not?’ The circle became lit up with giggles and chuckles and everyone went a bit barmy afterwards, stripping naked and streaking across the grass, wading, fully clothed into the sea, throwing horse-shit at each other and pinching each other’s bottoms. Marvellous. I was proud of everyone.

The horses remained equanimous.

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