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Angela Winbolt
May 12, 2024
In Sharing Space
Life Skills Let’s give our next generation the Life skills we need that we don’t learn at school. The difference between an Opinion and Fact. The emotions we feel and how you control and understand them. Relationships and how to maintain good ones. Self-belief and building resilience. Acceptance of what is - but not seeing it as a block to what it can be. Allowing grief to follow its natural journey whatever the type of loss. Following your passions in the path of your career in life not the route others think you should follow. Always have ambition to do well in Life but not rebuffing ourselves if we don’t reach our goals And finally, most importantly, learn and experience the benefit of immersing yourself in Nature. Away from electronic equipment. Be it by the sea, in the forest, by a river, or up a mountain. As the old saying goes - this is not a rehearsal-Live your life to the full. Respect others -and live in harmony with one another Angela Winbolt

Angela Winbolt

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