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Dive into this library of video teaching from Alistair.

  • Guided meditations (usually around 30-40 minutes)

  • Teaching on various topics: body-based meditation, compassion, internal family systems and much more

  • Alistair's answers to students

We've organised the 150+ videos into different channels and categories. You need to be a supporting member to access the golden ones!


Good for Beginners

Here are a dozen practices that give you a good taste of embodied meditation. Many of them done standing up: 

  • Starting with a lovely set of energy practices, bring energy into the standing body

  • Then moving into the classic Mindsprings relaxation, Polyvagal Tuning.

  • Then a brace of practice looking at tracking the energy around the somatic circuit

  • And three practices working with awareness and stillness: 3 Objects, Mantra and the Practice of Fives

  • Then there are two tasters of Beingfulness and Tonglen

  • Finishing with a recap of the energy workout with my dog, Ben. 

GM Expanding Through the Senses

Tips and Talks on How to Meditate

After and during many of the live Mindsprings sessions, Alistair talks about some of the misconceptions and common questions arising for meditators. These 13 short talks address a potpourri of subjects: 

  • Eyes shut or open during meditation?

  • Not identifying with our thoughts

  • The goal of the 'aerated' self

  • Meditation on the cushion vs. meditation in the 'real' world

  • Not falling into the pitfall of looking for calm

  • Some practical unpacking of practices like kapalabati and the practice of fives

How to Meditate