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Dive into this library of video teaching from Alistair.

  • Guided meditations (usually around 30-40 minutes)

  • Teaching on various topics: body-based meditation, compassion, internal family systems and much more

  • Alistair's answers to students

We've organised the 150+ videos into different channels and categories. You need to be a supporting member to access the golden ones!


Good for Beginners

Here are a dozen practices that give you a good taste of embodied meditation. Many of them done standing up: 

  • Starting with a lovely set of energy practices, bring energy into the standing body

  • Then moving into the classic Mindsprings relaxation, Polyvagal Tuning.

  • Then a brace of practice looking at tracking the energy around the somatic circuit

  • And three practices working with awareness and stillness: 3 Objects, Mantra and the Practice of Fives

  • Then there are two tasters of Beingfulness and Tonglen

  • Finishing with a recap of the energy workout with my dog, Ben.