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Mindspring’s vision 

Mindsprings is a project set up by Alistair Appleton in 2005 to explore the uses and benefits of meditation in the modern world.

Much clinical research around meditation these days concentrates on working with addiction and depression. But at Mindsprings we’re just as interested in working with wellness and the promotion of mental health before the “illness” and pathology set in.

Reduce stress by understanding how the brain works

Alistair combines his training as a psychotherapist with more than a decade’s study and practice in the Buddhist meditation tradition, in order to maximise the way meditation practice can really help. Not only by reducing stress or taking us to altered states but also by understanding how the human brain works in the world. How we relate to one another and how problematic patterns get entrenched.

Mindsprings courses are often different from traditional meditation retreats. We don’t sit on the floor, or in total silence or utter stillness. There is space for discussion, feedback, one-on-one support. There’s often quite a lot of laughter as well as the chance for emotional work.

How can we stop suffering and maximise happiness?

We’re also interested in tailoring mindfulness to different experiences and finding new ways of approaching the age-old quesion: “how can we stop suffering and maximise happiness?” Often the courses will be addressing a particular theme – for example, anxiety or relationships or sexuality. And we’re always looking to explore new areas, collaborate and work with different groups. So please communicate with us about this site or any questions you have about mindfulness or the work we’re doing.

A safe and progressive space for people to share

People of any religious belief or none, any political stripe or none are very welcome to our courses. However, we pride ourselves on being a safe and progressive space for people to share their experiences. We welcome gay, lesbian, trans people and people with disabilities. We make a special place for refugees, the elderly and those of us suffering from mental health difficulties. Anyone who struggles financially can write to get some assistance to attend. We will never condone xenophobia, racism or sexism.

Why learn online?

Alistair has been teaching a big array of different courses over the last 15 years. He’s taught on anxiety, stress, time terror, LGBT shame and trauma. Mindfulness, ‘beingfulness’, embodied meditation, tapping and energy psychology. Internal family systems, Buddhist compassion, concentration and sitting practices. Earthing and courses on dissociation. 

It’s hard for people around the world to access these various courses, so they are becoming available at The Mindsprings school. Check out a course to work with your anxiety, to use tapping to remove blocks in your meditation practice and much more.

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