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Hey everyone - I'm canvassing some opinions first on the structure of the course. The video below summarises:

But essentially:

  1. What's the optimum length for an online course (that you'll finish!)

  2. How long should each chunk/chapter be, so it doesn't overwhelm you?

  3. How many chapters should a good course contain?

  4. I was thinking Teaching - Guided Meditation - Further Teaching - Quiz as the structure of each chapter - does that work?

  5. Does extra material feel overwhelming or welcome?

Geneva L.
Geneva L.
Apr 01

I recently read that we have an attention span of 17 minutes. Probably accurate. My experience with online learning is if the chunks of video are too long or too short both are equally frustrating for different reasons. 20-25 minutes would seem to be a good middle ground. As a home organizer in a prior life, clients despised me giving them “homework” if labeled as such; I think for those out of school (or those still in!) “quiz” may have the same negative impact. Perhaps- language like “review concepts” “building blocks recap”- or something less stress-inducing would help.



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