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Liberating the Ego Loop

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I think that Dameon’ proposal is very sound. It would be helpful to know what is considered an ego loop, because in my understanding there are healthy and unhealthy loops or repetitive patterns that conform our ego, this illusory self that is useful for navigating in this transactional reality, but some loops may doom us, for disguised as thoughts or feelings, our ego trick us. When you believe you are your ego, you’ll do anything to keep that illusion alive. In any case, you are a wise teacher, Alistair, and I know you’ll devise a useful and joyful teaching for all of us. I only have one wish in my life that burns in my heart, which is stated clearly in the Zohar, that ancient Kabbalah text: “You beings on earth who are in deep slumber, awaken! Who among you has labored to turn darkness into light and bitterness into sweetness?” “Stop sleeping! Wake up! What are you waiting for?” And please, Alistair, if my ocassional Jewish musings are out of place, please be frank and tell me to shut up. I don’t take offense easily, and I love rambling and and I am aware of it! Have a blessed Easter, by the way. ❤️


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