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That felt good! Also, ever notice how a person sometimes can't see what's right in front of them? It wasn't until yesterday I realized how to pronounce MeditUnedit--I kept thinking, '' and then I couldn't think of what the rest of the word might be. Now I get it! It's the world's shortest poem! Did you ever see the GREAT Oscar winning documentary "When We Were Kings" about Muhammad Ali (then an 'old' 32 or something) miraculously beating George Foreman in 'The Rumble in the Jungle'? Ali, so vibrant and talkative back then, told George Plimpton, I think, that he (Ali) had written 'the world's shortest poem: Me: Whee!' (So very Ali!) So, you beat The Greatest! (And if you haven't seen it, that doc is amazing and exhilarating --the concert that happened before the fight with James Brown and others is a main highlight.)


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