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Tomorrow is day 3 for me in this meditunedit challenge, and I am already looking forward to it. This far I haven't been 'successful' in doing it first thing as I wake, because day 1 I totally forgot what day it was 😆 and day 2 I had a kiddo who needed my immediate attention. Getting 15 minutes of alone time in the mornings can be tricky for me, but here's hoping one day this week I might get it. All this to say, what I have discovered is that I really benefit from starting a day wanting to notice what my body and mind are telling me. And even though I might not get to lay down on a mat immediately I have built in intentions that carry me through the morning routine and I savour the noticing, and the breathing etc a little later in the day.

Gill Jewell
Unknown member
Jun 22, 2022

Today kiddo joined me. She is 9 and has very severe anxiety along with her autism. I haven't asked her if she was able to find the space in her lower belly yet. But she sat beside me mostly in silence, and I heard her taking breaths as she practiced. In between the more tricky times, we have our spaces where we find peace and fun.



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