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Sick host, meeting is postponed to next Sunday, Dec 17th. Very sorry.

I woke up this morning feeling ill. My voice is gone, bad headache and feeling like I'm coming down with some kind of cold or flu.

So I'll be resting today and won't be able to host our meeting. I'm so sorry everyone.

Please, if you can, join us next Sunday, Dec 17th. This will be our last meeting of the year. We'll be back in January of course.

Thanks so much for understanding.

Hope to see you soon,



Sylvia Alana
Sylvia Alana
15 déc. 2023

🕉️ Wishing you good health 🙏🏼Karen~ looking forward to catching up with you soon and finishing my cushion with flags 🧘🏼‍♀️namaste Sylvia



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