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The Crafting Circle

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Nina Ravi
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The Crafting Circle workshop is happening next Sunday, join us!

We'll be drawing mandalas.

We're having our first workshop next Sunday, May 29 starting at 4pm (UK time) until 5:30pm.

Here are the codes to join us:

Meeting ID: 882 3160 6755

Passcode: 441116

Do join us for a quiet and creative time with our lovely group. I explained what you'll need in a post below so check it out. No worries if you don't have all the things, you can do with whatever you have at home. Just a piece of paper and a pen or a pencil and you'll be able to do a lovely mandala.

I've attached a photo of the ones I made to try it out. This took a lot longer than an hour and a half of course. It was a very soothing and calming process and I loved it.

Hope to see you there!

Karen x

Carol Lewis
Unknown member
May 27, 2022

They look beautiful. Thanks Karen.



Come sit with Karen's Crafting Circle. Come sit with us and ...


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