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The Crafting Circle

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Ladies I enjoyed immensely how everyone welcomed me with open arms! All my life I have been on the outside looking in became of my medical problems (Who amongst us is perfect?) I have been shut out of wedding showers baby showers never stood up in a wedding because the bride or mom to be is very narrow minded she thought I would steal her day by having a seizure! Cruel huh!

It's not my fault I was strangled (he lost) then had a stroke

I haven't been coming to the meeting because I fell in my backyard! At first I was embarrassed! I suffered much injury to my neck so I won't attend meétings

I wanted to show all the pretty embroidered pillows I made!

When I feel better I definitely will be attending the meeting!


Karen Rakos
Gill Jewell


Come sit with Karen's Crafting Circle. Come sit with us and ...


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