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Nina Ravi
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Sock knitting and a new Mandala project

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much to everyone who joined our meeting today. As always it was lovely to see all of you.

We talked about sock knitting and a few of us would like to start knitting socks, which is wonderful. Socks are great to knit, they're easy (yes, they are) and very relaxing to knit.

To help you start, I want to share a course on YouTube from a great teacher called Denise. She makes wonderful videos and she has a whole course on sock knitting explaining all the different techniques.

Here's the link:

We'll meet again on Sunday, Jan 22nd and we'll talk about a new Mandala project for the year!

I'll explain more in another post but get ready if you'd like to join a year long project (don't worry, it'll be fun and easy).

See you soon,


patti G
Rose Murphy
Jane Bell
Jan 08, 2023

Thank you Karen. So pleased to be a part of this group. I shall definitely take a look at this - sounds like a brilliant resource. I am intrigued by the year long project. Take care and see you soon xx



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