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Nina Ravi
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Mandala session Sunday cancelled.

Dear friends,

I'm so sorry but I have to cancel this Sunday's Mandala session. Some of you know that I had a bad shoulder and was in quite a bit of pain on Tuesday at Jenny's class. Yesterday evening, I twisted my knee and I now have to keep my knee straight for the next few days.

All will be well, just a few days of rest and I'll be on my feet again. But I want to listen to my body and I think the message is quite clear 😊

I hope you are all doing well and not suffering too much from the heat. Heatwave is still strong in Nantes but should be over by tomorrow evening.

I hope you'll come to our regular meeting on Friday 26th of August. We'll have another Mandala session in September.

Take care!

See you soon and keep crafting.

With love,

Karen x

olga CK


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