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Hi everyone - does anyone know how I can get hold of Alistair? I may have been hacked and need to get it sorted. I've tried to contact him several times but no replies, not even sure if my posts are showing as no-one responding. I have been into my account but it doesn't allow me to change my e-mail and therefore my password. Help!

Rose Murphy
Unknown member
Dec 14, 2022

Thanks Rose and Karen - I'll try the email.

not expecting quick answers as I don't know even if my posts arrived on other bits of our site and people are really busy of course this close to Christmas. I've tried chat a couple of times. I'm just a bit worried about answering anything that says mindsprings now as that is what I did. I've looked in groups to see if the Tech person is still about, but couldn't find anything. TBH this is upsetting as I have just lost my dog and there is so much to sort out..

It'll all be ok!



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