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Transfigure Meditation

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Josh Sapey
Josh Sapey

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the group. I have been busy behind the scenes figuring out the future & purpose of the group.

The group is evolving to Transfigure Mediation. From this Sunday 24th of July at 9:30am UK time I will be holding weekly guided meditation sessions. Using practices from some great teachers including Alistair.

There be a new structure for the sessions:

5 minutes of silent self reflection on why we are here to practice.

A energy workout.

Guided meditation practice.

Group discussion about the practice.

I am also keen to keep it community focused so if there are any practices you would like to share or practice with the group please let me know. I am also keen for any ideas of how the group can develop & help provide a shared mediation space. So please drop me a message if you have any ideas or thoughts.

In order to create a shared inclusive space focused on mediation I'm asking everyone to observe some community guidelines. If you have any thoughts on how these can be improved please let me know. I'm keen for the group to be a safe space for everyone to meditate and share experiences.

Session Ground Rules:

To assist with the smooth running of the sessions here are some ground rules for us to work with. We can discuss them and if you would like to suggest some others that is welcome.

v What’s said here remains here – confidentiality to create a safe space for everybody

v One person speaks at once

v No side conversations

v Be mindful of others who also want to share – don’t hog the time!

v Be respectful of others and give space and listen to other participants

v Don’t try to ‘fix’ others, advise or comment on their experience –we can only fix ourselves

v Talk about your experience from the ‘I’ perspective as we can only know our own experience

v Be mindful of speech – use kindness, compassion and consideration.

v Aim to be present for the session and not doing other things at the same time

v It’s ok to not be in front of the screen all of the time and have your camera off at times

v Phones on mute / silent

Going forwards I will be taking voluntary donations to help with the costs of the running and management of the group. This can be done via pay pal on the following link:

The sessions are open to everyone so any donations are completely voluntary. So please come along regardless of wether you donate.

Lastly the most important thing the zoom codes :

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 817 9656 8862

Passcode: 552677


Time:9:30-103:0am am UK time.

First session starts this Sunday 24th July. I look forward to practicing with you!

Josh :-)

Sylvia Alana
Rose Murphy
Nina Ravi
Gill Jewell
Gill Jewell
Jul 23, 2022

I really like the rule of try not to fix others as it then focuses on being able to express & engage, rather than the stress of ‘helping .The leadership can do that. I too often feel great anxiety re that dilemma & actually talked at length with a colleague ( psychiatrist) who said 99% of my particular stress was due to others & not actively regulating my boundaries . (I still go to pieces over abused animals.)



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