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  • Tuesday Meditation for Anxiety

    Hello! This Tuesday 6pm UK session is a chance to plug into the Mindsprings methods for soothing the nervous system and unpicking the mechanisms of anxiety. We'll be practicing body-based techniques, breathworks and energy psychology each week. There'll be clear instruction each session so anyone can join - even (or especially) complete beginners. We practice for about 30 minutes and then have some time to talk and discuss what's going on. Many people find sharing their anxiety a great boon. Come along and finally do something about your shredded nerves.

  • Thursday Meditation

    Hello! This Thursday 7am UK session offers anyone a chance to experience some Buddhist-flavoured practice. It's ideal for people who are interested in Buddhism but don't know all the jargon. And it's a chance for the Mindsprings community to anchor their dharma practice. There'll be clear instruction each session so anyone can join - even (or especially) complete beginners. We practice for about 30 minutes and then have some time to talk and discuss what's going on. I'll use the last portion of the session to chat about some of the Buddhist ideas and clarify any questions people have.

  • Monday Meditation

    Hi everyone! Make a date to practice with the Mindsprings gang every Monday morning at 8am UK time. This is a chance to use the mind-cleaning Beingfulness practice to steady our awareness, see all the phenomena that are making up our experience and learn to love them! There'll be clear instruction each session so anyone can join - even (or especially) complete beginners. We practice for about 30 minutes and then have some time to talk and discuss what's going on. It's a lovely communal way to start the week.

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  • Holy Island July 2023 | Mindsprings

    Summer Retreat on Holy Isle 22-29 July 2023 Brighten your life with Beingfulness Enjoy your mind afresh. For almost 20 years, Alistair has been running Mindsprings Retreats on the beautiful Holy Isle off the coast of Arran in Scotland . This year we are holding a summer week of Beingfulness on the Island, a practice that celebrates the joy of being human. ​ Come and enjoy the powerful energy of the Island, the delicious island-grown food and the wonderful presence of good-hearted people practicing together. Friendships are born on Holy Island that last for years! ​ We will be exploring Alistair's embodied meditation practice, Beingfulness . A comprehensive way to deepen and enjoy your experience of the world and yourself. It's a beautiful and profound practice - something precious to take with you when you leave the retreat. And it's suitable for beginners and more seasoned meditators. ​ The Centre for World Peace on the Island is a comfortable and well-staffed place to stay with single, double, sea-view and dorm rooms available. The food is delicious and vegetarian. And the Island itself has a transformative magic. ​ Book your place for July now What is Beingfulness? Beingfulness is a form of meditation that helps us enjoy life more. It's a simple step-by-step process. First, we learn to recognise when we are aware Then we master moving awareness from object to object The next step is to anchor awareness on restful objects like the breath or sounds. Then we sift all the various phenomena of our here-and-now into four fields: body, emotions, senses and thoughts. In various exercises, we deepen our enjoyment and curiosity about these phenomena Next, we explore the 'fifth field' of our unexamined preferences And finally, we relax into a wide-open enjoyment of the kaleidoscopic display of the human mind. The practice allows us to be full of being, not just full of thinking! Treat yourself to a week of Beingfulness About Holy Isle Holy Island is a stunning granite outcrop in Lamlash Bay off the isle of Arran in West Scotland. It's been a holy site since the times of Celtic Christianity when St. Molaise lived in a cave here. In the last few decades, it's been a place of Buddhist-inspired contemplation under the auspices of Lama Yeshe Losal Rinpoche. But the World Centre for Peace and Health where this course takes place is open to all faiths or none. It's a uniquely nurturing place for practice and draws people from all over the world. You can watch an aerial tour of the island here . What to expect from a Mindsprings Retreat Our first evening together on Saturday is a chance to arrive, enjoy some food and get to know one another. Most people are tired from travel and we'll have an early night after some relaxation. The daily schedule for the Sunday-Friday is fairly similar We start with some gentle stretching and a silent sit before breakfast . This is a great way to start the day. Before our delicious breakfast, Alistair will lead us in some t'ai chi on the beachfront which is optional. But does involve hugs - which everyone seems to love. The morning sessions are exploring the Beingfulness practice with breaks for tea. After lunch, the afternoon is a period for rest or walking or taking the practices out into the natural world . We will meet for discussion of the practice and a short period of meditation before supper. After supper, there is a further chance to practice together and integrate what we have learned during the day. Generally, it's light's out and silence after 9.30pm - so early nights, though you could go for a moonlight walk! We often have the mornings silent and one full day of silence somewhere in the middle. It's a very friendly silence and, again, many people love this element of the retreat. Book the retreat About the teacher Alistair is a broadcaster, psychotherapist and meditation teacher. He's worked for the BBC for more than 20 years and works as a UKCP-accredited therapist in East Sussex. Since 2004, he's run Mindsprings , his therapeutic meditation organisation which teaches body-based and Buddhist solutions to many of our everyday problems. Mindsprings offers popular meditation-based courses on many subjects: helping people with anxiety, dissociation, stress. working with mental health in the LGBTQ community. exploring the growing field of embodiment and somatic practices. teaching Buddhist practices for mental health and well-being Alistair teaches in England, Wales, Scotland, Belgium, Ireland, Sweden, Iceland and the Netherlands. Alistair will be leading this retreat supported by Kirsty. We will begin each day with some gentle embodiment practices and then move into exploring Beingfulness. Rough timetable : ​ On Saturday 22nd at 7.30 pm, we have a welcoming circle after soup and the beginning session of the retreat ending around 9pm. Then from Sunday to Friday: 7am- 8am: Early morning yoga + silent sit 8am-9am: Breakfast break 9am- 12.30 pm : Practice and Alistair teaching 12.30pm - 4pm : Lunch self-practice, rest 4pm - 6pm : Practice 6pm -7.30pm Supper time 7.30pm-8.30pm: Sitting practice Team and schedule Food, Accommodation and Pricing One of the greatest joys of Holy Isle is the fantastic food harvested directly from the biodynamic and organic gardens that surround the centre. The resident kitchen team will be providing delicious vegetarian food throughout. There will be breakfast, lunch and supper and tea and snacks available throughout the day. Vegan and wheat-free diets are also catered for. ​ The cost of the retreat is £310 per person and then you will need to book your accommodation through the Holy Island office separately. They have single rooms, a couple of double rooms and male and female dorms. The dorms (and the doubles) have sea views! You will have to book the retreat AND then your room separately! ​ Please note that Holy Island is not taking accommodation bookings until the beginning of 2023. Book Mindsprings Retreat here Choose your accommodation here Don't let money stop you coming on retreat... Mindsprings would like people to practice even if they are struggling financially, for whatever reason. We offer a limited number of partial bursaries for these retreats. Drop us a line about bursaries Getting to Holy Isle Reaching Holy Island is part of the experience of going on retreat there. It is a pilgrimage. ​ Details can be found on the Holy Island site here . But in essence, you need to get to Lamlash pier by lunchtime on the 22nd July. Ideally, you might want to come a day early to give yourself some time. The little ferry from Lamlash to the Island is very weather sensitive so it's a good idea to speak to the Island closer to the retreat. Also you will need to book your ticket with Grant at this site . ​ A little bit of planning and double-checking never goes amiss! Frequently Asked Questions My login doesn't work anymore. Can you help? This new site needs a one-time signup. If you have a email/password combo from the Mindsprings School (Beingfulness, Anxiety courses etc.) then I suggest using the same one. But you will need to sign up one time only to access the site (use those same details if you like) and then you'll be able to access everything with that login the next time you visit! Where have my online courses gone? All the online self-study courses are still on the Mindsprings School. You can access this under Courses > Self Study on the navigation bar. I'm trying to find a way to synchronise the school with the new site - but everything is safe and sound there for your perusal. When are the live online classes starting again? I'm starting to teach online three times a week from the 20th October 2022. You can find out more and book your classes here. Any more questions?

  • FORUM | Mindsprings

    GEMENSKAP Gå till din live-sida för att se hur detta fungerar. Kategorier Alla inlägg Mina inlägg Skapa nytt inlägg Sharing Space Följ Visningar Inlägg 140 A place to share pictures, momentary flashes of inspiration, books, films, music. Share away! Meet the Gang! Följ Visningar Inlägg 49 Please say hello! Post a picture of yourself and some words of introduction. It's a friendly space and nice to be known! Let's Remember Följ Visningar Inlägg 6 The space to remember anyone we know who is dying, or sick. Or who needs our thoughts right now. Can be you as well! Questions & Answers Följ Visningar Inlägg 23 Ask Alistair and the Mindsprings community questions you have about meditation, self-care or anything at all! Alistair Clips Följ Visningar Inlägg 27 This is the space where Alistair posts his musings, his spontaneous videos and various other bits and pieces. Nya inlägg Maksim Zinnurov 14 juni 1212 Questions & Answers Gilla 0 kommentarer 0 Alistair Appleton 15 juni Namo Buddha Sharing Space In the gap between teachings, I took a trip up into the Himalayan foothills to the little settlement of Namo Buddha. This was the spot that the Buddha’s earlier reincarnation offered up his body to feed a starving tigress and her five cubs. There’s now a big monastery founded by the late Thrangul Rinpoche, one of the Karmapa’s teachers. I’m not also a natural at pilgrimage sites, but this one really moved me. The thought of that bodhicitta activity and the fact that historical Buddha, Siddharta Gotama, often came back to this hill to teach. The forests surrounding the Tiger’sDen are thick with prayer flags and pictures of departed loved ones. It’s a very moving place. Gilla 6 2 kommentarer 2 Alistair Appleton 24 maj Therapy and Dharma Alistair Clips We had a good discussion in our last Thursday morning session before my trip to Nepal, which also brought to a close the cycle of teaching on vipassana-shamata: Gilla 9 1 kommentar 1 Forum - Frameless

  • SUPPORTING MEMBERS | Mindsprings

    STÖDANDE MEDLEMMAR Vill du komma åt alla videor? Få 10 % rabatt på alla retreater? Stödmedlemmar är generösa själar som gör ett månatligt bidrag till Mindsprings och får gratis tillgång till det vi erbjuder här. ​ För närvarande har vi bara det enda "trädet" för dig att bli (baobabs och sequoias kommer att följa senare i år), men OAK-medlemskapet är det för dig om du vill ha tillgång till alla videor och 10 % rabatt på alla helger och retreater . Oak GBP 10 10GBP Varje månad Access to the full Mindsprings video library Prova gratis i 30 dagar Påbörja gratis provperiod Access all the video library 10% off all in-person & online retreats Baobab GBP 20 20GBP Varje månad Access the online classes and the library Prova gratis i 30 dagar Påbörja gratis provperiod Access Alistair's weekly online sessions for free Access the full library Get 15% off in-person and online retreats

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