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Thank you for this mornings meditation Alistair. Although I meditate in the morning, it’s never just as I rise. I loved how you gave attention to transitioning from dreams and then out of our own experience to the world around us. That’s a great way to start the day and created an instant shift for me. I don’t always experience dread on waking but very often a deep heavy feeling of apathy and I noticed a shift from that by starting immediately with todays meditation. It was also such a good feeling to think of us all lying on our respective floors whenever morning is for each of us.

I’m now writing with my morning cacao gazing into the wild drizzly day. Have a great day everyone. x

Alistair Appleton
Jane NY
Jane NY

"Things often get better from the morning, so don't despair"--did I ever need that message in the U.S.A.M.A (USA of Mass Shootings). My nerves have been on edge frequently in the last few weeks, so I needed this, as well as angel Kyodo williams' retreat yesterday and Lama Rod's Medicine Buddha tomorrow, and vagal breathing every day, and doing Tonglen to deal with stuckness (ie, recurring thoughts that the country is circling the drain till we drop through and then find ourselves circling another drain....). Anyway, I'm working on that. And dreams: I've never been able to get an answer to how often a recurring dream recurs in one night--eg, sometimes, I go to sleep, have the recurring dream, wake up, go back to sleep and have the same dream. Often--actually with small changes over a couple of decades--it's about having to go somewhere to do something professional, thinking that I'm in the right place in general (someplace I've found comforting), then finding that as I walk towards the building I think I'm supposed to be in, I'm in another state (as in a different part of the U.S.) though when I look in the distance, I'm still in the first place--and it's always raining. Then I wake up....Anyway, just once again to say thanks for the meditation😉



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