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September meeting cancelled and change of dates in October

Hello everyone,

I'm so sorry I have to cancel our meeting on the 17 of September. I'm going away on retreat and I will have to get things organised before I leave.

It wasn't planned and I decided to go very recently. I'm so happy to go on my first in person retreat. Sadly, I had to change a lot of plans, professional and personal. And I know it'll be worth it.

I can't be there either for our meeting on October 8th as I will be in Paris.

We'll meet on October 15th instead.

I'm so sorry for the last minute changes!

I'm really looking forward to seeing you all very soon.

Lots of love

Keep crafting


Sylvia Alana
Karen Rakos
Máirín Keohane
Karen Rakos
Karen Rakos
14 de set. de 2023

Enjoy your retreat! I hope to see all of you next month. 😊



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