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Nina Ravi
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Hello everyone,

Here are the dates for our August and September meetings:

All UK time:

Sunday August 14th - Mandala session at 4pm

Friday August 26th - regular Crafting Circle meeting at 4pm

Friday Sept. 9th - Regular Crafting Circle meeting at 4pm

Sunday Sept. 18th - Mandala session at 4pm

I'll post all the details later for every session.

As some of you now know, my husband Clément and I are moving in our new home in October. I am also getting ready for a craft show in September! Busy times.

I'm not sure when we'll meet in October but I'll keep you posted as soon as I can.

If you're new to this group, welcome! Please, feel free to join us on Zoom anytime. The Mandala sessions are quiet sessions where we draw mandalas together. On our regular meetings, we all get together for a nice chat and work on whatever we have on the go or just sit and have fun with the group.

Hope to see you soon!

Karen x

Rose Murphy


Come sit with Karen's Crafting Circle. Come sit with us and ...


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