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Be Here Now - at night, alone, with earphones.

Sometimes when Daniel goes away, it's a chance for me to do nothing very much.

When he's here we hang out or I have to carve time to do things that seem 'important' or 'meaningful'. Paradoxically he's also trying to encourage me towards relaxation and ease. But it's only when he goes that I truly let my mind swivel about.

I follow YouTube wormholes. I browse Apps for my iPhone. I pootle around reading this or that.

But this evening I went down a Beatles wormhole. It started with a random appearance of Revolution 9 on my earphones. (Surely the world's most famous piece of musique concréte.) And then after a Wikipedia dive into Tomorrow Never Knows, I ended up - as I often do - landing on George Harrison.

I love the solo George. Free from the underdog status. Winging it out into the sky.

And I love the intimate, fragile, early-morning, sunshine across the lawn of Friar's Park feel of his music from the early 70s.

I'd never heard it before but Be Here Now from the second solo Album Living in the Material World is just beautiful. He barely sighs his way to the end and as always his lyrics are so simple and true:

A mind that wants to wander
Round a corner
Is an unwise mind

I’d love to know your thoughts about George Harrison. Drop me a message with any thoughts, comments, questions, queries or insights that pop up while reading the blog. I’d love to hear from you!

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