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I am de-militarizing my mind

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

I am de-militarizing my mind, taking down the barbed-wire strand by strand.

There is or was barely a surface unmined but gently I am digging in the soil to pull them up.

My brain has been a battlefield I see, every day an onslaught against the way I am.

I could not simply be because that would be surrender

and in a war that ends well.

But when you realise that there is no war and never was then it seems foolish to be carrying so much weaponry.

The air around is sweet and gentle and birds answer the humans that live roundabout.

Too late, too late, the fading colonel’s voice keeps saying but it is still early.

The day of the mind is always dawning, And armistice can be now and now and now.

Peace is sweet and in the sweeter air songbirds flutter across no-mans-land.

I don’t worry about how this ceasefire will hold (the fires that were lit are lightening the landscape)

all that matters is the peace



I’d love to know your thoughts on this poem. Drop me a message with any thoughts, comments, questions, queries or insights that pop up while reading the blog. I’d love to hear from you!

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