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New courses!

Looking ahead to 2015 (gulp!) we have some new London courses at the lovely Spa Road Centre and excitingly some new venues: namely, Scarborough (finally, a course in the North of the Country) and Jersey and Dublin.

In London, we’re running our first weekend looking at the way mindfulness can help us survive our internet-intense lifestyles. “Mind the App: Mindfulness in the Age of Twitter” is aimed at those of us who are finding the constant online life is taking its toll. Alistair has done some interesting research into the effect of 24/7 connectivity – especially since the advent of smartphones – and tailored a course to become mindful not only of the negative effects but also what we can do to wean ourselves off this addictive technology.

Courses for a weekend looking at samadhi

The course in Scarborough, held at the lovely new Samye Dzong centre there, is a weekend looking at samadhi. This neglected big sister of mindfulness is essential for meditative practice to flourish. The safe immersion in a more right-brain experience of the world is the underpinning of well-being from a meditative point of view. The weekend will look at establishing a basic practice and understanding how this can support our mindfulness.

Another first, a course in Jersey, is taking place on the island in the Spring of 2015. At the lovely Isis Centre near St. Laurence, Alistair is running an introduction to mindfulness, entitled ‘Beingfulness’.

And in Dublin in the depth of winter, we have a weekend (also at the Samye Dzong in the city) looking at the way in which was can use meditation to forge a new relationship with anxiety and worry.

Please check out the new website and book away!

I’d love to know your thoughts about my courses. Drop me a message with any thoughts, comments, questions, queries or insights that pop up while reading the blog. I’d love to hear from you!

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