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Sexuality and Spirituality: Are they the same thing?

This was a public lecture Alistair gave to the Norwich Interfaith at the Octagon Chapel, 21st November 2012 on the subject of sexuality and spirituality.

In the light of the ongoing misunderstandings around the ordination of female bishops and church marriages of same-sex couples, it’s an interesting talk.

In it, Alistair gives an overview of :

  1. the attitude of world religions to gay sexuality

  2. the reasons for the almost complete intolerance of sexual diversity

  3. some alternative understandings

  4. an argument that sexuality in all its forms is the same as spirit not adverse to it

The talk itself goes on for about 45 minutes and then there is an extended discussion. Alistair is introduced at the beginning of the talk by the Rev. David Gillet.

I’d love to know your thoughts about sexuality and spirituality. Drop me a message with any thoughts, comments, questions, queries or insights that pop up while reading the blog. I’d love to hear from you!

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