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Wow… after a long gestation, the website is finally born. Burning Turban comes to life.

It started as an idea I had 2 years ago while I was teaching up in Scotland. It was a beautiful day, everyone was really getting into the meditation, I was loving, the food was lovely, we weren’t producing any damaging by-products, the sea was calm. This is good! i thought and there should be more of this in my life.

So I had the idea of Burning Turban. The name comes from a bit of Buddhist scripture where the Buddha says the need for enlightenment is as urgent as the need to extinguish a turban when it’s on fire. Plus i love the idea of the head bursting into light. There was a line in a poem I wrote when i was young that goes:

Black out! Heaven blazing in the head! The light is in its chamber and trails its notes to blind. I am rectangulated in song.

and that’s rather how i felt. I wanted to be doing a project that lit up my life and the people around me. So I thought it would be great to set a little website that drew those things together: collaboration and meditation

After much dillying and dallying, Stevie (my wonderful webmaster) and I came up with a beautiful internet space where all the other things can glow and grow.

We’ve got 2 beginners courses coming up – one in Devon and one in Oxfordshire – which both still have space. There’s an audio sample of a project for athletes I’ve been working on. There’s a film of the course up in Holy Island. Links to lots of interesting projects. And space for lots of discussion – questions about meditation, problems solving and bringing like-minded people together…

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