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Clegg: Yes We Can

For the first time since 1997, British politics is getting exciting. The televised debate suddenly opened up the possibility that the Lib Dems might well break out into the lead. I would certainly like Nick Clegg as my Prime Minster even after being a life-long Labour supporter. How thrilling it would be to have someone fresh at the top. Anything rather than that oleaginous Etonian and his vacuous cronies.

It was a joy to see Cameron so awkward, phoney and lame next to the solid clumsiness of Brown and the sensible clarity of Clegg.

I was talking to my colleagues last week, most of whom were born well into the 1980s, and they had no memory or knowledge of politics before New Labour. The truth is the hospitals are better funded, schools better funded, I can get married as a gay man and I’m protected against discrimination. My soundman had never heard of Clause 28. I remember how odious the Tories are – pretending to be Tony Blair does not fool me.

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