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how brilliant and bright are the wings of morning?

Coming down the rain in the road in the drizzly July rain, Dave was coming the opposite way with his brother. He capered around in front of me, gleefully informing me that they were off to town to buy rose petals. Nothing else. Skipped off.

I don’t recall ever capering or skipping. Certainly not in July rain.

Which set me to thinking about natural levels of energy.

I would love to have an increase in natural energy across the board. To feel pepped up in the morning and afternoon, curling down towards sleep in the evening. I reckon it could all be lifted about 15% without any detrimental effects.

But I think I can safely say that that isn’t going to happen. My natural energy levels are about where they are now – a few percent above sluggish. I know that because I went almost 6 years without any stimulants – no crash-and-burn caffeine, no booze, no sugary snacks – and it made no difference. Pretty much the same as now.

Unless waves of positive sparkling are more mental than bodily. I definitely feel cheerier now than I did 6 years ago. I sometimes wander if childhood and genes makes us “sleepers” or “doers”: people who incline to the blankness and rest of sleep and shy away from active engagement in the world (a category that I firmly belong to) or those who hate sleeping and would happily stay up all night doing stuff – sometimes to a frantic level. Too much snoozing or wired to the point of burnout. Those would be the poles. I suppose we’re all somewhere in between.

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