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Will said that the reason the orchestra didn’t come out front to the bar after the concert tonight was because they were drinking the free wine backstage. Usually, he said, they’d drink it before the Night Shift but he overheard them saying, “Tonight’s too difficult to drink. Drink later.”

Mahler’s Totenfeier and Liszt Les Préludes.

Usually there’s about 20 players. Tonight there was 90.

Usually there’s about 300 people. Tonight there was 950. A sell out.

The Night Shift is becoming a major event. I asked who was here for the first time at the beginning of the concert and more than half the audience put their hands up. The average age was about 27 I’d say.

950 demographically gilded audience members to a midweek, late-night, classical concert at the South Bank. We must be doing something right. Come along. One in May. One in June.

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