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The Birth of the Blog

The Birth of the Blog

Gadzooks. The Earth moved and there was Blog. All on a dreary morning in NW10. Who would have thought it. (Should explain the Buddhist/Telly thing, I suppose. I am one. Work on it. Don’t watch it. Would like to… There. Done.)

Went to see Radiohead last week which shook my head. But looking at their website I was touched to see how present they are there. Or at least one of them is.

I have a website which gets filled up with odd stuff. But it’s all a bit oracular. There are some stoney pronouncements from on high and then lots of people chatting about it, as if I wasn’t there. Which is precisely the way the website’s set up. But if Thom Yorke can be chatty then – damn it, so can I.

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