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The Man Who Drank The Universe

After almost two years, we’ve finally got around to uploading the documentary we made about my experiences with ayahuasca. You can go to the site by clicking

here. It’s a simple low-res file for quicker streaming and easier downloading. Enjoy.NOTE:We weren’t able to fly over to New York in 2004 to interview Fiona about the effect of the ayahuacsa on her Parkinson’s long term. I asked her to write a short message about what happened to her, which I print here:

I wanted to give a little bit of a follow-up to my Ayahuasca experience, since it was hard to film me afterwards as I live in New York. Those first Aya journeys in Brasil were probably among the most profound days of my life. The plant works in peculiar ways. She presented herself to me as an entity of almost unimaginable love and intelligence, and in a short, compressed period of time, taught me extraordinary things that I will never forget, that have changed my life and way of thinking forever. Since then, I have had amazing experiences with a variety of healers, totally magical occurrences, and have been placed on a path that has been gathering mystery and revelation as I proceed. I am not completely separated from Parkinson’s Disease yet, but I am better than I was in the film, and continue to incrementally improve – an enormous feat, considering it is a disease that only degenerates and it has been with me it now for almost 20 years. I am learning how much I can actually accomplish in and for the world through having this disease, and so my experiences now have great meaning and logic for me. And yes, I am still dancing, and active with my dance company. I know that so far Mother Ayahuasca has only shown me a tiny portion of the majesty of her kingdom, and my sense of astonishment keeps growing. Thank you, Alistair, for being my companion in those first days and in my heart ever since.Fiona Marcotty Dolenga
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