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Veni Veni

Just back from Holy Island.

What a fantastic course this year. After everything that has happened to me this year – not least my pyroclastic experiences in Brazil – I rather forgot how magical the island is. And I mean magical. There is a force of nature there that – like ayahuasca – works alongside your efforts to improve yourself.

Everything about that place is created to foster well-being. The building is all enviromentally friendly. Most of the courses are not-for-profit so there’s no sense that you’re being financially milked. The island is luminously beautiful with wild horses and goats, glittering water and crystalline granite underfoot. All the staff are gracious and kind. The food is organic and partly grown in the gardens. It’s so rare to be in a space like that in the modern world. Where no one’s out to get you, to sell you something, to hassle you or tell you what to do. It’s a space set up for self-development and all conditions are carefully created to foster that. How delicious.

I always feel a little bogus teaching meditation up there. Basically you just have to push people outdoors for a walk and they become a little enlightened from the Island’s energy. But I was also aware this year that I really enjoy teaching that course. Something seems to guide me when I sit in that hall and everything becomes easy and useful. Not that TV isn’t useful – but it’s rarely easy and it’s often a bit by-the-by. Up on Holy Island there wasn’t a moment when I could say that I’d be better off doing something else – everything I did and said felt like it was at least pointing the right way – how often in life have i been able to say that?

There’s another course in August with some places and I’m running 2 more in the South of England in November and January. We’re also planning a weekly course in London over 6 weeks. Details will be on the website shortly.

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