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Weeds / Maureen N. McLane

I came across this poem in the London Review of Books (which is the source of much of my knowledge about the world, but not often poetic inspiration. )

Following on from Frank O'Hara's trashy lunch time talk, this has the sassy tone of a gardener reaching out through celebrity trash talk and narcissism into the cosmos.


Maureen N. McLane

all day

personifying plants

Evil Nettle

Fascist Weed

boing boing

I do not want you

matter out of place

I rip you out

I favour the desired

the useful to me to me to me!

meanwhile stars doing themselves

in the sky

insouciant celebrity

assholes they don't care

why don't they care

don't they

Cassiopeia angling the sky

open triangle mouths and teeth

of vanity, grief

but where, where is the belt

of Orion and where can we see

the once-in-a-lifetime


I am feeling Babylonian

I am feeling antediluvian

I am thinking Noah

should take us aboard

but we would be extra cargo

there are worlds

and worlds to come

hello! we say

from this one

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