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What pride taught me

Today was Gay Pride.

I learned a lot.

1) when faced with complete technical meltdown in the radio studio and an open mike to the airwaves and no music: talk freely about composers you like and when you run out of things to say, simply read the rest of your script and think of it as a teaser.

2) when invited to 10 Downing Street for a pre-Pride reception: consider fully if your OK being exploited for photo opportunities and a political purpose. If you are OK, then enjoy shaking hands with the Prime Minister (even if he has all the charisma of a mediocre headmaster) and taking a look at the Cabinet Room where every single momentous decision in British has been decided for the last 160 years.

3) when tired and overbooked: don’t stand on street corners for 30 minutes, glassy-eyed, unable to decide which of four options you should follow. Follow the one that involves meeting people and/or is most convenient for you.

4) when faced with prospect of dancing and drinking with a million gay brothers and sisters, or travelling across London to spend half an hour with your real brother and sister-in-law: go dancing and arrange a proper lunch for family later at your house. Half measures please no one.

5) when invited to a cultural event by someone you don’t really know: always take the time to read about what you’re going to see. Other people’s passions are not necessarily yours.

This I have learnt on Gay Pride Saturday: Other people’s passions are not necessarily yours. So have pride in your desires. No one will get hurt if you live them out. They might even appreciate it.

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