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for those of you with a meditative and hi-tech turn of mind

I’ve finally managed to record one of the classes I teach in Kensal Rise, should anyone be interested. I’ll be archiving all the four classes in this series on the Mindsprings website. They’re looking at the way we deal with ‘thinking’ in meditation.

You can hear the whole lesson (an hour and half) here but it’s broken up into chapters for ease of skipping on your iPod.

1. there’s the opening relaxation, lying down 2. an introduction into the practice, in this instance concentration on the breath. 3. feedback and answers after the first session 4. a recap of the practice for practising on your own 5. another feed back after the second session and a sum-up for practice at home.

Many thanks to Jeremy for persevering with my technical inadequacies and for all the participants. Their names have been removed though their questions remain.

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